Today 14/04/2024
Al-e Felan

"Al-e Felan" is a two-dimensional cut-out series for social media that takes a critical look at some cultural and social issues.

The atmosphere of this animated series is designed similar to the modern world, but the characters all have clothes similar to the Qajar era. Its main character, "Sultan", is designed to be less intelligent and similar to Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who is in conflict with the character of "Ahad", who is the symbol of the general public.

"Felan Felan" is the negative character of this series, who sometimes deceives "Sultan" and sometimes "Ahad". The wise character of the story is the "Minister of the court" who has a personality close to "Amir Kabir" and tries to strike a balance between the decisions of "Sultan" and the interests of "Ahad" and the abuses of "Felan Felan".

This series is directed by Zohal Razavi, produced by Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Lavasani and commissioned by the Hekmat Institute.

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